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Roost w/ Matthew Danger Lippman & TV Moms

The Monkey House presents
Roost w/ Matthew Danger Lippman & TV Moms
Monday - April 15th
Doors 8:30pm / Show 8:45pm
$3 for 21+ / $8 for 18+

Roost is like finding an old pair of rollerblades in the closet... tossing em on and boogyin on downtown to the laundromat, next to the graveyard, to pick up your clothes you forgot the other day. Then on a joyous afternoon ride home you spot Eugene at the 'ole full service gas station and stop to smoke a few smokes and talk about things that just don't matter.

TV Moms (Minneapolis, MN) is a loud, grungy, guitar-drums, guy-guy rocknroll two-piece band. Ok, not all the songs are loud. There’s some singing in there, but not vocal gymnastics. Bummer rock is a thing? But a little more sarcastic. Riff-based guitar stuff that is really fun to play, even if you don’t play guitar that much. And Dave plays drums. He broke a stick a couple times.

Matthew Danger Lippman -slacker glam soul & hip-hop punk rock. BK NY. Go Bills??

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